The company has departments offering the services as explained below:

1. Private Investigation.

Our private investigators are well versed with undercover work and receive training to meet the needs of growing number of fraudulent operations. We provide absolute confidentiality and the assignments are carried out without compromising the well being of the client.

Note that we do not discuss potential cases on email or any social media platform whatsoever. Kindly make an appointment with the office for a confidential meeting.

2. Criminal and civil debt collection.

We are experts in recovering bad debts and are backed by the police, auctioneers and lawyers in our collection operations thus ensuring speedy recovery of bad debts and prosecution of payments and agreements defaulters e.g. bad cheques, loan defaulters, buyers, motor vehicles, plots, furniture e.t.c.

2. Security services.

We provide our security services with vital commitment. This includes training of security personnel from various sectors such as security guards and VIP Protection detail. Part of the scope is planning for events that involve security as per regulations by the relevant legislation. Hence, we also provide crowd management services through our well co-ordinated personnel with state-of-the-art equipment.

All our security personnel is well trained to deliver a service of a high caliber towards you as our client. We train our officers to suit your specific need so that they can understand what you our client's needs is and can fulfill your security needs to the best. We protect your business to the full.

The security services offered can be largely broken into:

  • Close Protection and VIP Services
  • Risk and Threat analysis
  • Specialized Security including bulding surveillance


We undertake various security operations through a well defined protocol which comprises:

  • Ascertaining all relevant information
  • Planning the security operation
  • Executing the security measures, policies and procedures
  • Review of the operation through regular feedback to client.

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